About us

Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front (HCPDF) is a network of national and local Canadian-based grassroots and solidarity groups, that support the Bolivarian Revolution and ALBA regional integration and solidarity project.
HCPDF Canada’ aims to increase solidarity and communication among Canadian organizations, collectives and individuals who support the emancipatory process underway in Central and South America, and fight for self-determination and the construction of Peoples Power.
Our goals:
– Create bridges of friendship between grassroots and social Movements from South and Central America with Canada
– Provide access to objective Peoples Media in order to counter the U.S. corporate-sponsored media propaganda
– Work to improve Canadian foreign policy towards progressive governments in South and Central America, especially Venezuela
– Provide Cultural and Political workshops in Canada
– Organize fact finding brigades: Norman Bethune brigade
If you or your organization is interested in joining the HCPDF, please send us an email to:
venesolnet[AT]gmail.com with your personal details.
Visit us on:



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  1. interesting…good stuff, we need a similar organization. I am putting together a small facebook and youtube page. I am putting together a few more videos, but I am basically alone, with only two or three other people I can rely on to help me do the research and writing. First we were hoping to establish ourselves as some sort of Bolivarian Friendship/Solidarity Organization. Our hope is to reach out beyond the socialists and leftists into progressive-liberals and even libertarian groups to open people’s minds about Venezuela. Perhaps we would be stronger working with your organization. I don’t know just throwing this out there. We are trying to figure how best to start reaching more people, once our initial literature, media, and positions are established. We are based outside Detroit, if that makes a difference.

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