The Frente para la Defensa de los Pueblos Hugo Chavez states its position on the recent presidential elections in Colombia

The Frente para la Defensa de los Pueblos Hugo Chavez (FDPHC) wishes to publicly express its serious preoccupation about the election results of last Sunday June 17 in Colombia that favoured the far rightwing Ivan Duque over centre-left Gustavo Petro.

The FDPHC cannot take a position on the legitimacy of the elections in Colombia and will refer that to the will of the Colombian people, however, it will not accept the double standard shown by some sectors of the international community that have ostracized the legitimate and democratic elections in Venezuela last May 20.

Todos somos Venezuela bannerHere are some facts:

  • Colombia’s Presidential elections:

Iván Duque won with 10.4 million votes or 54% of those who voted. Gustavo Petro, was second with 8 million votes (41.8%). The total number of eligible voters was 36 million, 19.2 million voted (voter turnout 53.3%). Blank votes 4.2%. The electoral process was manual and there have been many reported irregularities in the audits. Yet Petro recognized Duke’s victory.

  • Venezuela’s presidential elections:

Nicolás Maduro won with 6.1 million votes or 68% of those who voted. The opposition candidate, Henri Falcon, was second with 1.9 million votes. The total number of eligible voters was 20.5 million, 9.4 million voted (voter turnout 46%). Blank votes 1.9%. The electoral process was automated, transparent and audited but Falcon did not recognize Maduro’s victory; he alleged fraud.

Given those simple facts, the FDPHC expects the international community to recognize the Venezuelan elections for having been carried out legitimately according to international standards.

The FDPHC expresses its concern about the election of Ivan Duque because:

  • He represents a return to power of Uribismo – the questionable policies and programs of Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010). Said policies allowed rampant corruption, torture and paramilitary extrajudicial killings of thousands of farmers, indigenous people and union leaders.
  • He wants to renegotiate the peace accord of Manuel Santos with the FARC. The accord is in danger of being cancelled all together. The FARC was considered a terrorist group under Uribismo.
  • He is a fierce opponent of the Maduro government and there is fear that he might act out his opposition if requested by the US. That might include the facilitation of a military invasion of Venezuela.
  • He is a declared pro-US politician that will not change the dominant role of the US with its military bases in Colombia.

The FDPHC warns the international community that the rightwing government of Colombia represents a continued risk to regional peace.