FDPHC-SO strongly condemns the illegal, brutal and criminal act of military aggression against the sovereign country of Syria

The following is the statement that was read at the Hands Off  Syria Rally held in Vancouver on April 15, 2018.


The Hugo Chávez Peoples’ Defense Front-Southwest Canada (FDPHC-SO) strongly condemns the illegal, brutal and criminal act of military aggression against the sovereign country of Syria last April 13.

The unilateral and unprovoked bombing of selected scientific installations near the capital Damascus was carried out jointly by the US,UK and France with logistical support from Italy, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel, and diplomatic support of Canada among others. They destroyed locations that would show the non-existence of chemical weapons.

The FDPHC-SO categorically rejects the reasoning that this was in response to an alleged use of chemical weapons by the Government of Bashar al-Assad. The accusation is based on biased and unproven reports by the terrorist-associated group White Helmets who have no expertise on chemical weapons except for the use of them.

We recognize and join the principled position of progressive groups including the governments of Russia, China, Bolivia, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela, among others, who have condemned the attack as a violation of the UN Charter.

The FDPHC-SO denounces the United States oligarchy in particular as the mastermind of aggression, threats, military interventions, bombings and even torture. They do not stop at anything in their determination for regime changes in countries they do not consider submissive. We have numerous examples: Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Iran and Russia. And we add to that list Cuba and Venezuela.

However, the FDPHC-SO asks public opinion to focus on the political analysis of the United States actions. The analysis must look at the role of imperialism as a doctrine that the United States uses as a tool for continued acts of war in order to secure natural resources that are exploited by corporations against the will of the working class.

In this country the FDPHC-SO emphatically makes the Canadian government accountable as well. It is our belief that it is the people’s responsibility to call on their rulers to stop all wars.

The FDPHC-SO calls on the Canadian government to stop condoning and supporting the United States rampage against countries that seek to follow their independent paths.

The Canadian government is not innocent of the very misguided foreign policy that sells arms to the royal dictatorship of Saudi Arabia and slaps sanctions against a democracy in Venezuela.

Finally we call on all the progressive people of Canada to hold the government accountable for all its actions within Canada and in other countries. We must maintain the pressure by condemning all interference into the sovereignty of other countries.

We can do that from any platform or organization we belong to. Not only in Vancouver, not only in BC, but all across Canada.

Today from this platform in Vancouver the FDPHC-SO accuses the government of Canada of complicity in the illegal military actions against Syria conducted by the US, the UK and France.

Today we shout,