Seen on the net: “I issue my own sanctions”

This post on Facebook about the latest sanctions by Canada against Venezuela called our attention. We re-post it here.

“I issue my own sanctions against PM Justin Trudeau as head of Government, and Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Once upon a time you get a hint that high up politicians in Canada may be connected to financial crimes. These are alleged cases of corruption very close to the Cdn govt. Has anybody heard anything more about the Panama Papers and possible illegal involvement of Canadians? I haven’t. What about the repeated scandals of corruption under the Harper government? It just disappeared from public view.
Now we have a new case reported by the CBC.
How long before this will also disappear with no consequences or accountability?
The reason I bring this up at this point is not because this is so rare that it becomes news, but because the Canadian government pretends to be such a righteous judge condemning other countries of corruption WITHOUT any proof.
Just a few days ago out of a political whim, the Canadian government has slapped sanctions on a few citizens (read, extraterritorial authority) of #Venezuela, #Russia and South Sudan using a brand new law (copy of similar US law signed by Obama in 2012) approved just last October 18. You could say that the judgement had already been issued before the law existed.
The law in question is called “Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act (Sergei Magnitsky Law)”. I posted a few things about that already. I question the whole premise of “justice”. To have justice you have to have a court case and proofs! Canada has NONE!
My point is that Canada, via Chrystia Freeland, must stop being “holier than thou” building a war on Venezuela & Russia just because “we can”.
You just can’t and there are many Canadians opposing such a double standard and interference with sovereign countries. I have no moral obligation to accept an unfair law.
But if we must have laws, then I issue my own sanctions against PM Justin Trudeau as head of Government and Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.”