Media release: Canadians join Cuba’s legitimate claim for the lifting of the US blockade

Media Release

Canadians join Cuba’s legitimate claim for the lifting of the US blockade

Vancouver, 31 October 2017. On the eve of yet one more vote about the United States blockade on Cuba at the United Nations, the Hugo Chávez Peoples’ Defense Front, Southwest Chapter of Canada (FDPHC_SO) makes public its stand in solidarity with the people and the Government of Cuba.

The FDPHC_SO sides fully with the words of Mr. Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Cuba spoken at the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly last 22 September.

The production and consumption patterns of neoliberal capitalism are unsustainable and irrational, Mr. Rodriguez said, urging the United Nations to establish a new equitable and inclusive world order. We cannot ignore the profound disparity that the Minister presented. In his words at the UN he stated:

President Donald Trump came here to convince us that one of his purposes is to promote the prosperity of nations and persons. But, in the real world, the wealth owned by eight men altogether is equivalent to the wealth shared by 3.6 billion human beings, who make up the poorest half of humanity.

In terms of turnover, 69 of the 100 biggest entities of the world are transnationals, not States. The turnover of the world’s ten biggest corporations is higher than the public revenues earned by 180 countries combined.

That is a disparity that the United States supports through its imperial wars and military interventions, under the guise of humanitarian help, at a skyrocketing cost that has reached $1.7 trillion.

Cuba is one of many countries at the crosshair of US intervention.

The United States refuses to surrender a naval base that has occupied illegally part of Cuba’s territory for more than 100 years and has maintained a unilateral economic, commercial and financial blockade on the island for almost 60 years. In fact, under the Trump administration it is getting tighter against an island that poses no threat to the US.

At the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2016, Cuba’s resolution to end the blockade received 191 votes in favour with only two abstentions: the United States and Israel. This year already 37 heads of delegations have spoken against the blockade, as well as 14 heads of State or Government. The international community at large is against the inhumane policy.

The FDPHC_SO joins the people of Cuba in their legitimate claim for the lifting and total elimination of the economic, commercial and financial blockade and will continue to denounce the strengthening of that policy.

The FDPHC_SO reiterates its condemnation of the measures aimed at tightening the blockade and reaffirms its determination to stop any strategy intended to destroy the Revolution.

The FDPHC_SO calls on the government of Canada to vote for the lifting of US blockade on Cuba to honour the long-standing relationship with Cuba.