Letter to Chrystia Freeland about Venezuela

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All invited to write similar letters of concern and protest at the Canadian Government determination to pursue regime change in Venezuela. Find background information here .

To: Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland – chrystia.freeland@parl.gc.ca

CC: The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Re: Venezuela.

As a Canadian I am very concerned at the evident bias of the Canadian government in condemning the Venezuelan government from being a dictatorship, to violating human rights, to questioning the latest democratic elections for the governorship of 23 States that were won by the governing party in 18 States.

The US-sponsored leadership of the Lima Group that you have taken on and now promote is totally against norms of international coexistence. You are promoting interference into a sovereign country that you would not accept if it was reciprocated to Canada.

While Canada ,as an OAS member state, was forcing a vote against Venezuela within the appearence of legality within the mandate of the organization, Canada’s pursuing the same goal of regime change in Venezuela outside any formal institution is outright intervention that is the primordial cause of what you call a “crisis” in that country.

The so-called “Lima Group” meeting in Toronto on October 26 has no legal or moral stand to “put pressure” on a constitutional state under the guise of concern for the Venezuelan people where such concern is unfounded. The Venezuelan people speak at the polls as they have done for 22 times in the last 18 years in an electoral process that has been praised for being legitimate and fair. Even the opposition has ratified it as such.

In fact, the latest news indicates that four of the five opposition governors have now been sworn in, also indicating recognition of the National Constituent Assembly and the acceptance of election results. The only opposition party refusing stubbornly to accept the results is the Primero Justicia party that the Canadian government seems to be ultimately supporting.

I consider Canada’s position vis-a-vis Venezuela to be contrary to the policy of sustaining the Canadian values that are often flaunted by the Canadian government. Therefore I urge you to reconsider your alliance in foreign policy. More specifically I urge the Canadian government to cancel the meeting of October 26 and stop leading for more crisis in Venezuela.