COMMUNIQUÉ: Venezuela rejects new attacks by the U.S. government

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela hereby categorically rejects the most recent expression of arrogance by the discriminatory regime of the United States of America, describing as “fraudulent” the successful regional elections held in our country on last October 15th, which is part of its systematic campaign of aggressions and hostile and unfriendly actions against our homeland.

It is worth recalling that these elections, which were free and fair, were held in a climate of peace and civic spirit and locally and internationally accompanied. Furthermore, over than 11 million Venezuelans -61.4% of the electoral register participated in them and large sections of the Venezuelan opposition have recognized their results.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela also rejects the intentions of the U.S. supremacist regime to rise above our national Constitution and the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people by disregarding their legitimate institutions.

In this regard, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reminds to the U.S. empire that the Venezuelan Electoral Authority, represented by the National Electoral Council, is the authority entitled by our Constitution to deal with the electoral matters and the mechanisms established by this institution and our legal system will rule any audit process that could be carried out.

Moreover, it is worth to highlight that the Venezuelan electoral system comprises several audits, before, during and after of each election, as well as is subject to a citizen’s verification process immediately after the closing of the voting in which take part representatives of all political parties participating in the election, for the purposes to guarantee transparency and trust on the electoral process.

The double standard by the Government of the United States of America and its insolent questioning of the Venezuelan electoral system, which is internationally recognized as one of the trustworthiest, stands out, especially, because that country has an electoral system, which not only is anachronistic, elitist, of second grade and poorly verified but also has countless complaints of systematic practices for suppressing votes, specially those from the afro-American population, and the continuous use of gerrymandering to prevent the representation of ethnic minorities.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reminds to the U.S. regime that the National Constituent Assembly derives its legitimacy from the original power that the free and sovereign people of Venezuela granted it through the successful election held on last July 30th, 2017, and pursuant Article 349 of the Constitution: “The constituted authorities may not prevent in any form the decisions of the National Constituent Assembly.” In this regard, the people and government of Venezuela stress that they do not accept and will not accept ever any tutelage or intervention in their domestic affairs by a foreign power.

Likewise, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela demands to the U.S. empire to respect the Venezuelan institutions and denounces these aggressions before the international community, which aim at to generate new inner tensions, perturb the political dialogue process and encourage the discourse of the extremist political sectors in Venezuela, which –fully endorsed by the U.S. regime– have used violence, intolerance and hatred as a weapon to gain power, despite of the resounding rejection by the people of Venezuela showed by the electoral results on the past October 15th, 2017.

The most recent communiqué by the United States Department of State insults the people of Venezuela and its democratic and peaceful conviction and also intends to justify the U.S. criminal policy of aggression by seeking to obtain by force what its local subordinates –who ask the imposition of sanctions against their own people and the intervention of their own country– have been unable to gain through the popular vote.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates that it shall not yield to pressures, threats or sanctions and will use all available forms of political and diplomatic means to defend its independence and ensure that its sovereignty be respected.

Caracas, October 20th, 2017