STATEMENT: Absolute rejection of US threats Against Venezuela in its attempt to recolonize the region

The Hugo Chávez People’s Defense Front – Southwest Chapter of Canada publicly declares its absolute rejection to the threats posed by the United States of America, the European Union and some governments of lackey countries, impetuous intimidations that have been spread between July 17 and 18.

President Trump’s brief message released through the State Department spokesman is incoherent and confusing, but it has the characteristics of an imperial ultimatum in saying that “If the Maduro regime imposes its Constituent Assembly on July 30, the United States will take strong and swift economic actions.”

This type of threat is an insult to international norms of non-intervention in matters of internal policies of the countries. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is an independent, free and sovereign country that acts in accordance with its constitutional order and with respect for international laws.

The decision to call a popular, direct, secret and universal vote to establish a National Constituent Assembly to improve the institutional order of Venezuela is a constitutional attribution that does not break any Venezuelan or international law; it rather appeals to the doctrine and thought of the Liberator Simon Bolivar, which is assumed and practiced by the Bolivarian Revolution, therefore, there is no reason justifying the meddling of the US government or of any other country.

As a coalition for international solidarity groups in defense of peoples against imperialism, the Hugo Chávez Peoples’ Defense Front – Southwest Chapter of Canada, has previously rejected US unilateral impositions, mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean, that violate with obstinate recidivism international law, and for that reason, we again call to the peoples of the world to raise their voice of repudiation.

The Hugo Chávez Peoples’ Defense Front – Southwest Chapter of Canada strongly reiterates that it denounces and does not condone the new string of imperial attacks, which aim to re-colonize the entire region, placing the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela at the center of its attacks, and dangerously attempting against the peace of the continent in order to impose its own unilateral interests, appealing to the support and financing of political violence and terrorism to achieve the overthrow of the constitutional president, Nicolás Maduro Moros, elected by the people through a sovereign vote.

The Hugo Chávez Peoples’ Defense Front – Southwest Chapter of Canada reaffirms its political commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution that has been chosen by the majority of Venezuelans in free elections, and unconditionally supports the democratic process of the National Constituent Assembly as the only way to restore order and preserve peace in Venezuela.

Long live Venezuela!

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!

Long live the Great Homeland!

It’s time to raise your voice!

Long live International Solidarity!

We shall overcome!

Vancouver, B.C., July 18, 2017