Statement condemning the recent reckless terrorist action against Venezuelan institutions

Vancouver, BC, Canada 28 June 2017

The Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front – Southwest Canada Chapter categorically condemns the latest act of terrorism perpetrated by a few people claiming to represent discontented military officers and civilians. The widely reported action took place on the 27th of June 2017 in Caracas, Venezuela.

The reckless armed aggression involved stealing a helicopter from the military airbase “Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda” in La Carlota, Caracas and attacking with firearms and grenades launched from the air two public buildings, the Ministry of People’s Power for the Interior, Justice and Peace, and the Supreme Court of Justice. Needless to say that lives were put in danger.

The authorities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela have quickly identified the principal perpetrator and are establishing his connections with the CIA of the US.

We do not doubt for a moment that this is part of the continued attempts by the Venezuelan violent rightwing opposition to escalate their goal of regime change in Venezuela.

We absolutely believe that the lack of condemnation by the opposition MUD, the OAS and the US government about the event and other violent acts loudly speaks of their participation and assent to this irresponsible terrorist action.

We unreservedly reject the violent path that a small group of opponents to the Bolivarian Revolution has chosen. That path has already caused many unnecessary deaths and must come to an end.

We side with President Nicolas Maduro and his government in his continued call to dialogue, unfortunately falling into deaf ears. We respect his constitutional right to call to a National Constituent Assembly as the most democratic and open process.

We call on all justice loving people to join us in supporting the goals of the Bolivarian Revolution initiated by Hugo Chavez in the spirit of Simon Bolivar’s vision and vehemently condemning any attempt of violent regime change in Venezuela.