With or Without the OAS, Venezuela Must Win the Fight

By Carlos Aznárez / Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / May 31, 2016

In Venezuela in particular, and the Central and South American continent in general, these are no times for weak positions. The empire and the regional right are attacking with full force and we don’t need any more evidence to know what they’re up to and why they’re willing to use any means necessary to achieve their goals.

It’s undeniable that several of these attacks, to which we’re getting used to, have obtained certain degrees of success. They are taking over governments, causing 180º turns in public policies and applying neoliberal recipes, the same ones that we endured in the 90s, which the peoples had rejected afterwards.

The new geopolitical map of Latin America and the Caribbean proves that the plan of the invaders is not just temporary. We can’t keep lying to ourselves nor keep having pointless discussions on whether the cycle of progressivist governments is over or not. Things are what they are: if we add up the right-wing governments and the ones that, even though they aren’t right-wing, are shamelessly flirting with the US and its allies in the European Union, we’ll see that they are a majority in the region.

The structures for regional integration are paralyzed and almost autistic. Luis Almagro, the monstrous Secretary General of the OAS, imposed by Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez and by José “Pepe” Mujica, is a blind follower of his own reactionary ideas and the script that imperialism has written for him to play. The diplomatic battle must be fought, but it’s neither the most important nor the most effective one to avoid losing ground.

Commander Hugo Chavez was right when he considered that it was necessary to create people’s militias to cooperate with the Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela to defend the revolution. What was difficult to imagine a few years ago is now around the corner. The enemy knows that Venezuela is not an easy territory to penetrate, because Nicolás Maduro isn’t weak as Fernando Lugo was when he was overthrown, and also, his people is not willing to accept coups without fighting back.

In Venezuela, things will play out differently to what we have seen in the rest of South America. The poor, who with the revolution have seen their rights fulfilled like never before, and acquired a new level of human dignity, they know that the oligarchy has such thirst for revenge and such hate that they will have no choice but to defend themselves however they can.

Maduro is right when he puts himself in the people’s hands, because that’s the only way to have a chance to emerge victorious from this war that attacks from all fronts and doesn’t admit an outcome with no defeated. This is raw class struggle, and the conciliators, social democrats, pacifists and opportunists are not needed. Either the Revolution wins, or the counterrevolution does.

Precisely because of that, the whole continent has to express solidarity towards Venezuela, setting aside differences and criticisms concerning how they arrived to this situation, and to actively build revolutionary unity to avoid, in the first place, that the Bolivarian Venezuela is destroyed by an internal opposition that doesn’t hesitate to call for a foreign military intervention to quench their thirst of revenge for the privileges they lost, and secondly, the sustained action of Washington’s government, its multinational companies and power lobbies, that want to transform the beautiful Venezuela into something similar to what is happening now in the Middle East.

It’s the hour of those who fight and not of those who cry, paraphrasing guerrilla Jorge Ricardo Masetti on the 87th anniversary of his birth, and in this sense, all that Nicolas Maduro, the commander in chief of the anti-imperialist counter-offensive, decides from now on is fundamental. He has already given an important step forward by pointing at the heart of that spurious National Assembly that has shamefully fallen under the figure of “betrayal to the Nation”, but it’s still necessary to duplicate the efforts and stop paying attention to “what the others will say”. To listen to the voices that come from the Communes and the more combative neighborhoods, those who are willing to join the ranks in the frontline and to not doubt about the need to toughen the policies to save the Revolution. To send the OAS and its lackeys to hell, like the dignified Cuba of Fidel did, and demand the urgent conformation of a front that rejects the coup, along with all fellow ALBA countries. Declarations of goodwill are abundant, but what’s needed in these times of war is to know exactly how many women and men we can count on and not wait for things to happen before we react, we must act before it’s too late.