SIGN THE LETTER: Letter from the world social movements to President Barack Obama

Letter from the world social movements to the President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama

Dear Mr. President,

We, representatives from social movements worldwide, have seen with bewilderment and indignation how on the 9th of March 2015 you decreed a national emergency in your country in order to confront Venezuela by labelling it as “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

Such executive order is an act of aggression which violates international law, and it is the most severe attempt to change the democratic will of the Venezuelan people.

In addition, we believe that your executive order endangers peace throughout the continent, since it clearly implies that your government is determined to roll back the social advances that have been achieved during the last decade in Latin America. 

Mr. President, you are isolating your own country by turning it into a true rouge state 

You are treating Venezuela as an enemy, a country that over the last two centuries has cultivated a tradition of international peace. 

You are acting as a world bully who wishes to forcibly impose his might over the rule of law and over people’s sovereignty. 

The military and economic power of the United States shall never be enough to tread on the rights of the rest of humanity.

Mr. President, you want to change the Government of Venezuela in order to bring back the continent’s progress on social policies

The Government of the United States wants “to twist arms” to Venezuelan men and women because they decided, peacefully and democratically, to correct the social inequalities accumulated over centuries of racism against indigenous and Afro-Latino people, violence against women, oppression against rural and urban workers, discrimination against sexual minorities, exclusion of the minorities with special needs and environmental destruction.

Over the past 15 years, millions of men and women in Venezuela, as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean, have seen their quality of lives improve by fighting against poverty, illiteracy, lack of medical attention, and for the recognition of their cultural, environmental and sexual rights. 

This is due to a great historical change that has turned social movements into fundamental political actors, eroding the power of traditional elites. 

Mr. President, you use the power of your country to privilege the powerful one percent which for centuries has oppressed the ninety-nine percent of Latinos.

By trying to turn back the clock of Latin American history, your Government plots against democracy, popular majorities and peace with justice that millions of us, Latinos, have built with so much sacrifice. 

Venezuela is not alone

In this struggle for peace and justice, the people of Venezuela have the right to freely decide their future. They even have the right to make their own mistakes.

We join Venezuela in its liberation effort. The struggles of Venezuela’s majorities are our struggles. Their victories and defeats are ours.  

Venezuela may well be unusual and extraordinary, but you Mr. President are the threat

Mr. President, you seem to be convinced that Venezuela’s defeat would create a “domino effect” all over the continent, halting the wave of social change that runs throughout the region. This error is born of your lack of understanding for Latino social movements, which prevails among the elites in your country.  Your unjustified aggression is doomed to fail.

While Venezuela offers peace, solidarity and friendship to the people of the world, your government only offers a return to the past through the illegal use of force, military bases, threats and intimidation. 

For us the choice is clear: Venezuela may be unusual and extraordinary; however, you Mr. President and the US Government pose a real threat to democracy, peace and justice in Latin America.

We call upon reflexion, so that arrogance may cease. We call upon respect for human rights of people all over the world. Finally, we also call upon the most active organization and mobilization of the ninety-nine percent to defend our social achievements and to advance our aspirations for peace and justice.

Therefore, Mr. President Obama, we demand that you repeal your executive order now!

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Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front
Barrio Nuevo
Movimiento Siglo 21
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