(SIGN THE PETITION) Obama repeal the executive order




The member states of the Union of South American.

Nations (UNASUR) manifest their rejection of the Executive Order issued on March 9, 2015 by the government of the United States of America, for it constitutes a threat of interference against sovereignty and the principle of non-intervention in other States´ affairs.

The UNASUR Member States ratify their commitment with the application of international law, Peaceful Resolution of Disputes and the principle of Non-Intervention, and calls upon governments to withhold the use of coercive unilateral measures that violate international law.

UNASUR reiterates its request to the United States´ governments to evaluate and implement dialogue with Venezuela as an alternative, under the basis of respecting sovereignty and self-determination of the people. Consequently, we request the derogation of the Executives Order.

QUITO, MARZO 14, 2015