Vancouver shows its support to the Bolivarian Revolution before new US aggressions

Vancouver‬ rallied this Tuesday in support of the Bolivarian Revolution before US new aggressions against Venezuelan people

More than one hundred people gathered in the Vancouver Art Gallery  to express their “rejection towards the statement by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, where he declared Venezuela a threat to his country and imposed new sanctions against the land of Bolívar and Chávez”, according to the communiqué the persons and social organizations signed.

The attendees reiterated their support to the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, led by compañero President Nicolás Maduro and his people in this new aggression by the Yankee imperialists.

The communiqué also stated “we understand and warn that this new escalade in the interventionist actions by the United States towards the people of Our Americas is an attempt to prepare the ground for a future military intervention with the objective of crushing the Bolivarian Revolution and weekend the processes of change that the people of the Patria Grande (Big Motherland) are currently carrying out”.


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