(PHOTOS) Venezuela denounces U.S. role in the continued coup against the Bolivarian Revolution

This past Thursday, 26 of February, at the University of Toronto campus the Foum “Venezuelan Democracy Under Attack”, with the outstanding presentation of MG Wilmer Barrientos, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Canada, provided the audience with a true account of what is the current situation in Venezuela and how the country is resisting destabilization plans that emanate from the ultra right-wing groups supported by foreign interests.

The event was jointly organized by the Bolivarian Embassy, its Consulates and the Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front (HCPDF). The event also included the participation of Dr. Victor Rivas, Venezuelan anthropologist and Dr. Donals Kinsbury, political scientist, both professors at the University of Toronto. The activity was attended by a number of social organizations, international solidarity organizations, students, trade unions and a significant diplomatic representation from countries that support the Venezuelan government.

Commemorating the 26th. anniversary of the massacre known as the “Caracazo”, Ambassador Barrientos explained how the neo-liberal policies imposed by the International Monetary Fund, unleashed popular protests that was followed by a massacre, when ordered by the government led by Carlos Andres Perez. Security forces killed in excess more than three thousand Venezuelans.

In this regard, he strongly condemned the posture of opposition spokespeople, that literally lied to the country and the world, claiming that the Human Rights of Mayor Antonio Ledezma were violated while being arrested, claim that was utterly false as demonstrated by video evidence the opposite. The same group of politicians kept silent when Venezuelans rights were truly violated during the “Caracazo”.

Ambassador Barrientos presentation was followed by DR. Rivas’, he emphasized the need to relay a message to those that rely on the events as portrayed by CNN, Fox, BBC among other corporate media outelets, and convey the truth regarding events in Venezuela. He also made a plea to journalist that simply echo the manipulated, false and out of context news, to travel to Venezuela and observe by themselves, the advances and gains in the quality of life of Venezuelans.

Dr. Donald Kinsbury transmitted the notion on how the US considers Venezuela to be a “bad example”. He related his experiences in Venezuela, where he has been in different occasions; “I saw with my own eyes how people are trying to build an economic model different by creating participatory and democratic decision making instances, as reflected in the “Communes”. He closed his remarks with “Viva Chavez!! “Comuna o Nada” (Communes or Nothing).

Denise Martins, representing the World Federation of Democratic Youth, read an statement in support of the Bolivarian Revolution condemning the destabilization plans. Manuel Luna, representing the Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front, urged the audience to mobilize in defense and protect the Bolivarian Revolution, cause that should be embraced by all of those that believe in societies with social justice. Eder Salgado from the same organization, touched on Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution international solidarity vision, to protect and cooperate in Latin America and the Caribbean and other causes such as the Palestinian and the Middle East in general.

During the Q & A, the public expressed their unconditional support for the Bolivarian Revolution.

By: Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front 

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