Manifesto: Canadian popular organizations condemn the vile assassination of Robert Serra in Venezuela

Robert Serra. “those who die in the name of  life cannot be called dead, and from this moment it is forbidden to cry for them.” Ali Primera
Socialist deputy Robert Serra

those who die in the name of life cannot be called dead, and from this moment it is forbidden to cry for them.”
Ali Primera

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The Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front (HCPDF) in Canada expresses its most energetic condemnation of the vile fascist assassination of the renowned socialist deputy Robert Serra and his companion Maria Herrera: an assault which ended the life of a couple committed to the Bolivarian Revolution and the struggle of Commander Hugo Chavez.

The assassination of Robert Serra and his companion was planned and executed with great precision, as shown by Miguel Rodriguez, minister of the popular power for interior relations, Justice and Peace. Beyond doubt, this atrocious crime confirms what was expressed by the terrorist and leader of the Venezuelan right, Lorent Gomez Saleh, during video-recorded conversations, where he identifies the drug dealer and paramilitary leader Alvaro Uribe Velez as well as members of the Venezuelan right as the intellectual authors of the past, present and future terrorist actions against Venezuela.

Similarly, President Nicolas Maduro indicated that the authors of the crimes have been identified and that they are presently in Miami, financed by Alavaro Uribe.

The objective of this assassination is to deepen the psychological war and increase the feeling of insecurity in order to terrorize the Venezuelan population. This follows a systematic plan formed by the most reactionary forces of the Venezuelan extreme right, closely tied to North American imperialism. The use of hit men, following the tactics of the Colombian paramilitaries, is a fundamental part of the plan aimed at destabilizing and defeating the revolutionary Bolivarian government headed by Nicolas Maduro.

Today, more than ever, we support the Venezuelan people and are confident that the justice system will find the material and intellectual authors of this premeditated crime and bring them to justice, to be judged according to the laws of the Revolutionary Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Robert Serra and his companion will be for all Venezuelans, as for all peoples who struggle for their own self-determination, an indelible symbol of struggle and revolutionary conscience.

The HCPDF-Canada urges all patriotic Venezuelans, and especially the youth, not to allow themselves to be intimidated and to continue the struggle for the deepening of Bolivarian Socialism and the unity of our America, which at this time is the only real and concrete alternative to capitalism.

Honour and Glory to those who give their lives in defense of their fatherland. With us now and forever.