FORUM: What Socialists Communes look like in Venezuela

When: September 26th, 2014 at 6:30 PM.
Where: Beitzatoun, 612 Markham St, Toronto, Ontario M6G 2L8 [MAP HERE]

Guest speaker Katrina Kozarek, ia a social activist, documentary filmmaker, multimedia producer, and active member of the Ataroa Socialist Commune, in Barquisimeto (Lara state), Venezuela.  As well, she is a long term organizer with the Nacional Association of Community, Free and Alternative Media (ANMCLA).

Since 2006, in an effort to deepen and fortify the Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela has begun to create a new matrix of power, where direct democracy and participation in the economic, social and political decision-making happens at the grassroots level through communal councils, communes, communal cities and the possibility of a communal state. This has been an experiment in action in Venezuela that aims to bring the country to the point of no return towards a truly democratic and socialist future.

In this forum we will explore some of the experiences of these popular-power-organizations in Venezuela. As well, the permanent threats implemented by the US right-wing opposition, such as: Economic, Media and Psychological warfare.

Katrina Kozarek at University of Toronto. November 2013.

About Katrina Kozarek
She currently manages video productions at the community television station of the Ataroa Commune ‘LaraTve’. She also produces a program focused on popular struggles and the construction of popular power from the perspective of revolutionary women from socialist communes and popular communities in Venezuela.

Katrina grew up in Apollo, Pennsylvania, and has been active in the Bolivarian process since her arrival in Venezuela in 2003. She is a co-founder of the ‘Street and Media Collective’ (Colectivo Calle y Media), renowned for its audio-visual productions from the grassroots, where she was involved in the production of documentaries such as Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War, The Old Man and Jesús: Prophets of Rebellion, Down with Colonialism, Free the Pachamama, and television series, such as Rostros de La Vega: Memories of my Barrio.

In 2013, Katrina participated in the creation of the Popular Press Center Nuestroamericano, an example of construction of people’s alternative communication from social movements of Ecuador.

She has also participated in several international forums in North and South America, where her contributions have focused on popular struggles and the construction of free, popular and alternative communication.

Need to know:
– Doors open at 6:20
– Free event
– Accessible on demand via portable ramp; washrooms not accessible
– Please avoid using strong-scented products due to sensitivities

Tasty refreshments (non-alcoholic) with Zatoun oliveoil+za’atar dipping.

Organized by: Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front – Toronto