(VIDEO) September 11th, 1973 : Coup in Chile

September 11th, 1973. Allende stayed at La Moneda under attack at that moment.
September 11th, 1973. Allende stayed at La Moneda under attack at that moment.

On September 11th, 1973 socialist President Salvador Allende would be murdered as part of a US backed coup d’état, ending government plans established in Chile by and for the people, in which the nationalization of natural resources, like copper, was important. This was the beginning of a 17-year brutal military dictatorship headed by General Augusto Pinochet.

In January this year, the Chilean Supreme Court closed the case to investigate the death of Allende, supporting the theory that he committed suicide. However, Dagoberto Palacios, nephew of General Javier Palacios at that moment in charge of surrounding La Moneda (presidential house in Santiago de Chile, capital city) with tanks, says his uncle confessed that he was the one who shot Allende when the President and his guards did not surrender.

With his testimony, and those by many other experts, the theory of suicide loses credibility, and is seen by many as a strategy to lower Chilean people’s tempers at that time by telling them their leader had taken his own life.

For many, the fact that the Chilean State apparatus, legacy of Pinochet, has not helped to clarify the facts of the death of Allende leaves little hope of prosecuting those responsible for the disappearance and death of thousands of Chileans during the military dictatorship.

Below is an excerpt of 2007 John Pilger’s documentary The War On Democracy, in which we can see how the USA were involved in the economic sabotage to the government of Allende and the subsequent coup. Later, the same CIA agents involved in the coup have said that if people knew what they did, in other circumstances they would have been seen as heroes and granted medals.