HCPDF´s Discussion Group celebrates its first year in Vancouver

It has now been one year since the Hugo Chavez’s People Defense Front started to organize its monthly Discussion Group in Vancouver, an opportunity to bring to the table different topics about the struggle of the peoples of Latin America, Canada and the world.

Since its beginning on September 5th, 2013 on the first Thursday of every month the Discussion Group has encouraged its participants to go deeper into the events that are taking place at that moment but also to explore some of the basis supporting the revolutions and social fights in some Latin American countries.

Topics such as the situation in Syria and the military treat from the United States and how that affects Latin America, different coup d’état carried out by reactionary right wing against progressive governments in the Big Homeland (Patria Grande), the situation in the Middle East as well as the discussion of the doctrine to unify all Latin America against imperialism and Venezuelan opposition attempts to destabilize the Bolivarian Revolution have been some of the subjects treated in these meetings.

The Discussion Group is organized by the Southwest Canada Chapter of the HCPDF as a strategy to gather grassroots movements of Vancouver to know more about all the fights taking place in the world against capitalism, oppression and imperialism and to unify efforts towards developing solidarity with those struggles.

The speakers at those events have been people from around the world who know and have something to say about the specific topic. That is how philosophers, activists in human rights, First Nations’ struggle supporters and anti-mining organizers, journalists, anthropologist, political scientists, lawyers, authors among others have been sharing their point of view and experiences in different fields in the human seek for liberation and against oppression.

The HCPDG’s Discussion Group is commonly held at the Chilean Cooperative, but also has took place in different venues such as the Heartwood Cafe and the Dogwood Centre for Socialist Education.

5 de septiembre Siria
September 5th, 2013

5 de septiembre invitación



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junio volante

12 Discussion group


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3 de octubre Golpe Ecuador 7 de noviembre Venezuela


5 de diciembre Ley habilitante

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