(VIDEO+PHOTOS) Toronto: #AntiChevron Movement took Dundas Square and found Chevron guilty!

People gathered today in solidarity for International #AntiChevron Day in Dundas Square at 5pm. This event was done in coordination with at least 25 cities around the world in support of the declaration of International Anti-Chevron Day by groups in Ecuador, Romania, Argentina, Nigeria, Canada, and the Unites States. In each of these 6 countries, Chevron has committed atrocities leading to health problems, birth defects, higher cancer rates, and/or direct injuries caused by malpractices. The event today was a huge success with Ecuadorians, Romanians, and Canadians showing their support through chants, signs, and a petition to be sent to the Minister of The Environment, Leona Aglukkaq.

During the event, a mock trial was held with Chevron represented by a suited lawyer with a skeleton mask and different people taking turns denouncing Chevrons international criminal actions. This was followed by a branded black hand paint campaign being used internationally as part of the #ChevronsDirtyHand campaign. Numerous participants dipped their hand in black paint and placed it on a communal banner showing solidarity against Chevron. This black paint not only symbolizes the oil contamination Chevron has left in Ecuador but is also a metaphor for the dirty legal tricks Chevron has been playing to run away from its responsibilities in cleaning up the contamination they left and compensating the victims and survivors.

This event was organized by the Committee in Solidarity with the Affected Communities by Chevron in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian people have successfully won a $9.5 billion lawsuit against Chevron and Chevron has been running away from it across the globe. Recently, the Ontario Supreme Court has granted access to the Ecuadorian people to pursue Chevron’s assets in Canada and now the case will be heard in the Supreme Court of Canada. [More pictures here]

With the support of Canadians, Chevron can run away no longer!

Join the Canadian Solidarity Committee with the affected communities by Chevron in Ecuador.