(VIDEO) Solidarity across borders, from Canada to Ireland and Venezuela

Between April 14th to the 26th Julian Ichim representing the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defence Front and Anti Colonialist Working group traveled to Ireland to solidify the friendship of anti imperialist forces and find out the truth of what the impact of the occupation in the North is.

In this role, Ichim met with a variety of political organizations and read a message of solidarity which was well received at the 32 County Sovereignty Movement Easter Commemoration condemning the destabilization efforts of the US in Venezuela.

Ironically while Britain condemns Venezuela for so called human rights abuses, they are silent about the treatment of those people in Ireland who want to determine there own destiny, particularly there political prisoners.

Aside from visiting Maghaberry jail and speaking to a Irish political prisoner, Ichim also had the opportunity to meet with Packy Carty, the PRO of Justice for The Craigavon Two, an organization aimed at highlighting the plight of two Irish Republicans locked in jail for there political believes denied a fair trial, and awaiting the decision of there appeal for over a year.

Talking to Carty about this case, a former political prisoner, highlighted the lack of justice a Irish person is afforded by the British colonialist system, that preaches human rights for the rich in Venezuela but is not opposed to torturing people in countries that they colonize.

The HCPDF is thankful to the 32CSM and all who made this fraternal visit possible and calls on people to investigate the reality of the occupation in the north of Ireland.

[Coming soon a video with Ichim interviewing Packy Carty about the Case of the Craigavon Two].

For the facts of this case please visit  http://justiceforthecraigavontwo.com/facts-of-their-case/