(PHOTOS) Thousands took the streets of Toronto on May Day

Thousands took the streets of Toronto to celebrate the International Workers’ Day and to fight poverty and capitalism.The march was an opportunity to reclaim MayDay for all people’s struggles and to honour communities. “We are here in solidarity with those struggling against oppression and occupation in Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Colombia and elsewhere”, said Marion Rahim from the Palestine community.

The Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front also joined the march to denounce and condemn the US imperialist intervention in Venezuela which is currently trying to destroy the social gains brought by the Bolivarian revolution, in collusion with local anti democratic right sector. “We support President Nicolas Maduro for continuing the revolutionary legacy of  Hugo Chavez and keep building a real and participatory democratic society “, said Elmer Perez, an emigrant from El Salvador living in Toronto.

Santiago Escobar, on behalf of the Canadian Solidarity Committee with the communities affected by Chevron in Ecuador, joined the march in order to raise awareness about the $9.5 Billion lawsuit that the Indigenous Ecuadorian people have won against Chevron, and to invite participants to join the International #AntiChevron Day in Toronto to be held on May 21st, 2014 at Dundas Sq, 5PM, to make Chevron accountable!

By Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front