(VIDEO+FOTOS) Report #1 from the continental Coordination summit of the ALBA social movements in Caracas

Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the support of the coordination

The first meeting of delegates of the continental coordination of ALBA’s social movements commenced this Friday 4th April in Caracas.

At mid-day a press conference was held where the main axes of the conference were presented, which will be developed between the 4th and 8th of April. The discussions will take place in the Hotel ALBA Caracas, in the center of the capital. In the activity there are 38 delegates from 21 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as four members of the operational secretariat of the coordinating body. On Saturday 5th there will be a meeting with the Venezuelan Chancellor, Elias Jaua and it is hoped that on Monday 7 they will meet with President Nicolas Maduro. In the closing of the meeting there will be a broad meeting with the social movements of Venezuela, which will include visits to community councils.

Early in the morning on the first day the representative of MST Brazil, Joao Pedro Stedile gave a analysis of the political situation, analyzing the political projects which are occurring now on the continent. Later the vice-president of the National Assembly, Blanca Eekhout, welcomed the movements on behalf of the Bolivarian government in the name of the Bolivarian government and then a debate was opened on the situation in Venezuela and Latin America.

In the afternoon there were reports from the chapters which are the groups from each country.

The Objectives of the meeting of ALBA Movimientos

The call to the coordinating meeting of ALBA Movimientos proposed the analysis of the social, political and economic reality of Latin America; to follow up on the accords taken in the continental assembly, which took place in May 2013 in San Pablo and to make a work plan for 2014.

As well the selection of the place gives the sense of support to the people and government of Venezuela in the face of attacks which sectors of the far right -under the auspices of the USA- have been carrying out for the last two months, with the indulgence of the private media at an international level, in spite of the violent acts which left a terrible outcome of assassinations and heavy damage in universities, Health Centres, Food Depots, electricity and transport networks, party offices and other institutions.

Within this framework, analyses were made of initiatives in self managed economies, political training and of the struggle against the extractive industries which attack Mother Earth, as well as the possibility of having a World Meeting of Social Movements.

As well they will be debating specific solidarity campaigns, amongst them with the people of Haiti, facing the occupation of the MINUSTAH; for the peace in Colombia, for the freedom of the 3 cubans who remain in prison in the USA, and the boost to the solidarity brigades which various organizations keep up in different parts of the continent. Within the framework of the solidarity amongst peoples a key space will be kept for the campaign of solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

Source: Communication team of ALBA Movimientos.

Summit of the ALBA social movements in Caracas.
Summit of the ALBA social movements in Caracas.

Rueda de prensa de ALBA Movimientos “Un proyecto de integración continental desde los pueblos” from Red ALBATV on Vimeo.