Remembering Romero’s legacy: 34 years after the assassination of the Salvadorian Archbishop

Thirty four years after the cowardly assassination of Monsenor Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez (“San Romero of the Americas” and “voice of the Voiceless”), his martyrdom still continues (without being a mystery) in the impunity.

He had already predicted his death, saying ahead that if his blood would help to change the cruel situation of his country he would accept it cheerfully for the sake of justice and the liberation of the poor and oppressed.

His voice and his martyrdom transcend national boundaries and were embraced in the whole continent even as far as the furthest corners of the planet.

On account of his voice the military, the rich and the powerful hated him, defamed him, going as far as to put him in question with the hierarchy of the church which today is considering his canonization.

We all know who were the actual criminals and assassins, material and intellectual who took his life, but the system of impunity still exists in the country, a system which tries to cover up the deeds and in the name of “Peace and governability” to ask to “forgive and forget,” whilst the criminals, civilian and military circulate undisturbed without facing justice or even asking society for forgiveness.

Monsenor Romero Lives and will live for ever in the hearts of the Salvadoran People

By Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front

Monseñor Oscar A. Romero