(VIDEO) Media war on Venezuela: Who killed Jimmy Vargas?

By Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front

According to almost all media reports, Jimmy Vargas, the 34-year-old who died accidentally after falling from a roof, was killed by Venezuelan security forces. CNN and NTN24 (Colombia), the two channels that are most immersed in the international media attack against the Bolivarian Revolution, continue to propagate these lies.

Videos of Vargas’ mother blaming President Nicolás Maduro and an interview of his sister broadcast by NTN24 were deemed by media as conclusive evidence that Vargas’ death was murder by the government.

A newer video, released by CNN, shows a different picture; that such a murder never occurred. Around the world, however, people still don’t know it was an accident. Why? Because the media outlets that first told these versions of the story, the New York Times and others, never corrected their error. This shows fundamentally how media operates.

Following the reports, a slew of actors, singers and famous people asked for “peace” in Venezuela in a campaign that was openly carried out by the so called “opposition”. This included a Venezuelan Hollywood actor who wrote about his sorrow at hearing about the death of Vargas.

The video

Even though the video released by CNN clearly shows what happened in the moment Vargas fell, the CNN anchor insists that the National Guard was launching tear gas and firing shots, though none are heard in the video.  This is an obvious attempt to back the version of the story in which Vargas lost his balance after being hit by a tear gas canister or shot in one eye with a birdshot. 

In spite of such transparent evidence, the anchor still maintains that it could have been an accident, while emphasizing that Vargas’ mother says the government killed her son. 

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