CNN, snipers and the coup in Venezuela

It’s not the first time that CNN is aligned with Venezuela and worldwide right wing against the Bolivarian process. Nor is it surprising that now it’s part of the communicative vanguard at this time attacking the South American country.

In the coup d’état in April 2002 against President Hugo Chávez, a CNN reporter was present at the place where a small part of the Venezuelan military high command planned the death of some of those who participated in the march to use it as an excuse to ask for the resignation of the leader of the Revolution.

Otto Neustadtl, CNN correspondent said at a conference that he offered in Venezuela a while after the events of April 11 that he had received a call on April 10th (one day before the coup) where he was explained that the demonstration would be diverted to Miraflores (presidential house), that several people would be killed and then there was going to be a statement from a group of military high command.

Otto Neustadtl Venezuela 2002

According to Neustadtl, on April 11th, he witnessed how the militaries rehearsed their statement against Chávez. They even mentioned snipers killing six people two hours before the first death occurred in Llaguno Bridge, close to Miraflores or among people marching.

In fact, he made a recording of the military’s statement. He never said anything about it. CNN never reported it. It only echoed the accusations against President Chávez that he was a murderer.

Of course, before the coup d’état CNN was always there, supporting Venezuelan private media in the coup.

In fact, one of the high military officers that asked for Chávez’s resignation, told reporters that the fall of Chávez’s government had been thanks to the media and not the army.

In sight of such a statement by the military commander and the attitude of CNN isn’t it allowed wondering if CNN was at the time, and is still aligned to a coup in Venezuela?

By attacking the Bolivarian Revolution openly CNN has attacked for years the Venezuelan people who elected democratically this political project, but for sure now it’s a scandal for the mainstream that the President Nicolás Maduro has recently said CNN could leave the cable companies of that country if they do not rectify their behavior.

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