[Statement] Canadians condemn attempt of coup d’état led by the venezuelan opposition

Fuerza Maduro 2014


The undersigned, condemn the violence perpetuated by a small sector of the fascist right-wing in different cities across Venezuela in the last days, in an attempt to destabilize the country in a similar fashion as it was done with President Hugo Chávez, on April 2002.

We express our solidarity with the families of the victims and the wounded as well as with our Venezuelan brothers and sisters who struggle for peace, sovereignty and social justice.

We strongly denounce the plan to undermine and overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution, the legacy of President Hugo Chavez, and the legitimate and constitutional government under President Nicolás Maduro. 

We support the Venezuelan government’s right to stop violent protestors and to defend the revolution as elected by the people. The Bolivarian process has won more elections than any other government in the world, having won 17 out of the last 18 elections.

This is just part of the indisputable democratic and participatory nature of the Bolivarian Revolution that it is supported by the majority of the Venezuelan people. 

We condemn the well-documented bias in the corporate media that looks to generate support for the most violent and undemocratic elements of Venezuela’s opposition by distorting the reality in in the country. This is part of a larger campaign, funded by imperialist governments, mainly by the U.S. and other agents of capital in and outside of Venezuela, who reject the self-determination of Venezuela’s people to construct socialism in their country. These sectors are the enemies of Venezuela’s people and they seek to exploit and profit from the natural resources of Latin America at any cost, including bloodshed.

From Canada we declare our unconditional support for the self-determination of the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian revolution. 

Venezuela´s people deserve peace!

(Names by alphabetical order)
Organizations and collectives:

Alliance for Peoples Health and Red Sparks Union
Anti Colonialist Working Group
Barrio Nuevo
Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights (CPSHR)
Casa Salvador Allende
Cuba-Canada Friendship Association. Vancouver, B.C.
ILPS Canadian and Quebec
Colombian Alliance Solidarity Action
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism
Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice
Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front
KW Occupy
KW Basics
Kitchner Spot Collective
Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network
Mining Justice Alliance – Vancouver
Movimiento Todxs a La Moneda-Ontario
Red de Amigos de la Revolución Ciudadana
Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Sunday Poetry
Toronto Bolivia Solidarity
“Trova Nuestra”


Bill Shpikula
Jani Mills
Ernest Cohen
Alison Martin
Nino Pagliccia
Sam Heaton
Nicole Juergen
Nchamah Miller
Michael Williams
Jorge Sorger
Nicole Smith
John Sulivan
Jose Davis
Sean Rose
Marie Dubois
Sophie Lacroix
Charles Boylan
Marysol Torres
Roberto Gamboa
Ali Monfared
Peter Sinnott
Wilson Munoz
Gabriela Rojas
Ginette Pavez
Marta González
Patricia Paredes
Kenia Ovalle
Victoria Bakich
Florence Debeugny
Andrew Phillips
Susan Stout

To add your name or organization, email us at:  venesolnet@gmail.com

Call out for peace and respect for the democratically elected Government of Venezuela.

Family peaceful and creative activity:
Saturday February 22, 2014
From 3:00 to 4:00 pm.
Dundas Square (South-East corner of Dundas & Yonge)

Cultural Event:
Concert for Peace in Venezuela / Music, poetry and more!
Saturday February 22, 2014
7 pm.
Clave Social – 1345 St. Clair Ave West, Toronto
Free admission

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Join the picture solidarity campaign as part of the actions we are taking to support the Venezuelan people against violence and destabilization attempts.

Please post on Social Media a picture of yourself, your family, your friends holding your self made poster (see example picture http://tiny.cc/a2ufbx) with this slogan:
For Peace and democracy
#WeAreMaduro #HandsOffVenezuela 
Solidarity from #Canada