(VIDEO) Raúl Castro proposes directing Latin America’s resources toward development

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 28 (acn) Cuban President Raúl Castro said today that all the wealth of Latin America and the Caribbean should become an engine for the elimination of existing inequalities in the region.

Opening the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Raul said it is an imperative and a challenge to transform the region’s material capital into human capital.

Addressing heads of state, as well as leaders of delegations attending the historic event, he called upon the bloc’s member countries to exercise full sovereignty over natural resources, and consider appropriate policies in relation to foreign investment and the operations of transnational corporations within their countries.

He also referred to significant needs in the educational sphere which the region must face, but stressed that progress has been made in expanding access to primary education.

The Second CELAC Summit will continue through the 29th, and all Latin American and the Caribbean delegation leaders will address the forum.