International media corporations once again manipulating information about Venezuela

media lies

As in all the Venezuelan elections the international media has been following closely what happens in the Venezuelan elections. Media and news agencies such as BBC world, El Espectador (Colombia), AFP and Reuters regard these elections as a measuring tool of the management of the President and workers’ leader Nicolas Maduro Moros and his reaction to the Economic War. 

“The voting polls began to open this Sunday in Venezuela for the municipal elections which are seen as an indicator for President Nicolas Maduro’s approval. Especially on account of the economic war of the president who ordered compulsory price reductions and threatened speculators with prison” indicated AFP. This is how they described the “compulsory price reductions”, however, failing to mention the context which made this measure necessary; cases where speculation drove prices up by 1000% in some of the audited business.

Equally the happenings of the 15th& 16th of April where 11 people died as a result of the call the right-wing made to their followers to express their rage were covered by the media. For example BBC world news said, recalling the happenings of past elections, “the leader of “la unidad” decided not to take to the streets the following day and chose to follow the legal route. None the less the denunciation of fraud found no echo in the local courts – in part controlled by the government and are pending in international forums”.

Once again the transnationals and communication corporations worldwide are showing their imperialist leanings, forgetting that there is a nation which remembers its supreme commander Hugo Chavez Frias, remembers the victims of April 2013, remembers the governments of the fourth republic and is celebrating democracy, in Venezuela the revolution continues.

By: Cayapa Comunicacionl
Translated by: Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front