#8D: Venezuelans show their loyalty towards Hugo Chávez


A great victory for the Bolivarian Revolution were the results of the municipal elections in Venezuela this Sunday, December 8th.

The victory of Jorge Rodríguez with 474.227 votes (54.55%) dictated that, once again, the strategic municipality Libertador, part of the capital city, remained in the hands of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

The municipality Guaicaipuro–also known as Los Teques–expressed its Chavista conviction in choosing as mayor Francisco Garcés (PSUV) over the right-wing candidate Rómulo Herrera with 57.161 votes (51.96%).

However, the Chavismo did not achieve victory in the Metropolitan City Hall, where the right-wing politician Antonio Ledezma won with a 50,81%.

The poll results were made public by the National Electoral Council (CNE) 3 hours after the closing of the polling stations. The president of the electoral body in Venezuela, Tibisay Lucena, informed to the public that this electoral process counted with a participation rate of 58,92%. Irreversible tendencies were identified by the CNE in 257 of 335 city halls and in 188 municipal councils upon computing  97,52% of the information transmitted from polling stations.

By the time of writing, the PSUV had won 196 municipalities, whereas the right-wing coalition MUD had achieved 53 city halls. With regards to the total number of votes, the PSUV obtained the lion’s share with a total of 5 million 100 thousand votes.

According to the data, the opposition managed to obtain only one city hall for every 3 conquered by the chavismo. Voters’ participation rate was higher than 58%, something that constitutes a new record for municipal elections in this south american country with over 19 million voters.

Other municipalities whose results have been announced are:

  • Bolívar (Anzoátegui): PSUV, Guillermo Martínez 83.029 votes(52.57%).
  • San Fernando (Apure): PSUV, Ofelia Padrón 33.208 votes (65%)
  • Girardot (Aragua): PSUV, Pedro Bastidas, 91.017 votes (51.53%)
  • Barinas, (Barinas): MUD, Machin Machin 55.013 votes (50.45%)
  • Eres (Bolívar): PSUV, Sergio Hernández 47.345 votes (47.06%)
  • Valencia (Carabobo): MUD, Miguel Cocchiola 166.905 votes (55.87%)

Results for the rest of municipalities will be published in coming CNE press releases.

By: Cayapa Comunicacionl
Translated by: Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front