(VIDEO) #8D Venezuela: Social Movements exposing the neoliberal agenda of opposition candidate


El Quilombo: Is a liberated media space for Social Movements through the program of Lara Tvec, channel 60 UHF which highlights the policies, activities and operations of the organizations of the Venezuelan people.

On this occasion we got together with Trade Unionist from the ‘Socialist Workers of the City, Farmworkers and Fishermen (in Spanish: CSTCCP) and also with an ex activist of the ‘Causa R’ to get to know the reality of the political project of the candidate of the MUD (far-right Party) for the municipality of Iribarren (one of the nine municipalities that makes up the Venezuelan state of Lara), Alfredo Ramos. The participants revealed that the candidate is an historic traitor to the working class, who during his time as a Trade Unionist maintained a policy of complicity supporting the privatization of CANTV in 1992 which resulted in the firing of more than 11.000 workers at the now recovered, ‘Casa Sindical’ (Trade Unionist House). He was also involved in the coup d’état, and the lockout done by the Workers Confederation of Venezuela (in Spanish CTV) in 2002.

Ramos presents himself as a political dinosaur with a divisionist government program led by local representatives, and against the national project of direct democracy with the communal structure.

Participants showed how the working class and the people from the Communes have rejected this infamous character, and are prepared to protect the electoral process, as well as to reject the sabotage that the fascist far-right has promised to keep up in the Lara state.

By: Cayapa Comunicacionl
Translated by: Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front