(VIDEO) #8D Venezuela: Closing of the Iribarren campaign

The past December 4th, the organized people of Iribarren’s municipality, Lara state were out in the streets to show their determination to vote for the candidate of the revolution, Luis Bohorquez Soto in the area of the Socialist Commune Ataroa, in the southwest of Barquisimeto. The call was for everybody to get out and vote on Sunday, December 8th, with joy and determination to guarantee the consolidation of the national project of Socialism, the Commune State and the Economic Revolution.

Enough of the treasonous and fascist policies of Henri Falcon and the venezuelan far-right, the people has chosen to stay with the revolution!

By: Cayapa Comunicacionl
Translated by: Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front

03 Cayapa 2013 EN-FR