Blackout in the Central-West region of Venezuela as part of the psychological war


“It was a provoked blackout” Minister Jesse Chacon said

December 2, 2013 -. During a live transmission with President Nicolas Maduro on VTV, the Popular Power Minister of Energy, Jesse Chacón reported that 95% of electricity was already recovered in the Central Area and that the recovery process in the rest of the West Central area was in progress.

On the evening of Monday, at about 8pm, the entire Midwestern region suffered a major blackout, which caused anxiety and concern among the population of this part of the country, and also affected communications. However, the people remained calm and knew how to handle this situation maturely. The Minister said in the live broadcast that all measures were being taken to normalize the electrical service.

The Minister added that this outage had been a provoked act of sabotage and that there is already a special commissioninvestigating the blackout that originated in the system 765, between San Geronimo and La Horqueta in the state Guárico. A commission that moved to the area discovered that the conductor was detached; the Minister said that before 1am the entire electrical system would be restored.

The Minister emphasized the speed with which the service was almost completely restored in less than an hour.

 By Aporrea (Aproximate translation)