The issues in Ireland

By 32CSM International Department


The situation in Ireland is similar to that of many countries around the world. Over 700 years ago, we were invaded by a foreign power and from then to now we have been subjected to all form of intimidations, threats, bribes, and any other tactics the occupier uses to try and achieve their ultimate goal of having us giving up the fight for the reunification of our country and the end of their illegal occupation of our land. They have tried genocide, the stealing of our lands, the banning of our language and culture the colonization of our land, the partition of our country and more recently the criminalization of our cause and the demonization of all republican activist that refuse to stay within the limit imposed by the British state. What we are experiencing in Ireland today is a rewriting of history where the foreign occupier (the English) have, through the good Friday agreement, been able to remove themselves from being the reason for our problems to a position of peace keeper trying to get two waring factions (the Irish and the « colonials ») to live with one an other in peace and harmony. From the first time the English set a foot in Ireland until now, they have continually arrived at the stage where they have defended us from trying to starve us into submission, clearing us from our lands for the planters to out-bread us, from dividing our country and turn our people against each other into a civil war until today when they still use the old tactic of trying to buy our loyalty and submission. When the Good Friday agreement was signed, the world was told that the 700 years old problem was solved and that Ireland was at peace. The process that lead to the Belfast agreement was labeled as a blue print in conflict to achieve peace. We have seen that the reality is far from the media propaganda. Will the foreign occupier , be it in Ireland, Chile, Afghanistan, north, south and central Americas or any other part of the world, never learn that as long as the indigenous people are denigrated their sovereignty and right to self determination there will never be peace in their land? We call all foreign occupier to leave the lands they have stolen, be it 5 years ago or 500 years ago and to restore it to its rightful owner