What People’s Power looks like in Venezuela?

By Julian Ichim

On November 13th as part of the Speaking Tour: What People’s Power looks like – a view from Venezuela with Katrina Kozarek from the Ataroa Socialist Commune and a long term activist in the Nacional Association of Community, Free and Alternative Media (ANMCLA) came to speak with us and address issues in Venezuela in terms of building peoples power. The event started with an introduction from a member of Anti Colonialist Working Group addressing the need to support the Bolivarian revolution and build a movement here. This was followed by greeting from Toronto Forum on Cuba, Independent Republican Brendon Casey and The 32CSM. An Easter lily was then presented on behalf of The Int. Dept. of The 32CSM to Katrina as a token of friendship of all those fighting the Anglo American Imperialist alliance.

What People’s Power looks like – a view from Venezuela with Katrina Kozarek in Kitchener, ON

Katerina then began talking about issues in Venezuela particularly what the commune system is and how this is a way to build grassroots socialism, as well as how the U$ is working to undermine Venezuelan democracy through economic sabotage and financing the so called “opposition” which is real a puppet tool of the imperialists aimed at carrying out terrorist attacks against the people of Venezuela. Discussion was had and the event went on for most of the night. People left feeling like they learned alot, with a renewed sense and desire to continue the struggle against imperialism and colonialism wherever it may be.

ACWG Introduction To Popular Power in Venezuela 

We are glad to see people come together to discuss what this means, in terms of building a broad anti colonialist framework to fight for the self determination of all nations.In this context we would like to highlight the importance of the media blackout and silence on issues such as the attempts to silence the truth about the US backed attacks on Venezuela, the genocide carried out against the peoples whose territory we are on and anti colonialist POWS here and abroad.

Julian Ichim giving an Easter Lilly to Katrina Kozarek

Particularly we would like to draw attention to the treatment of the Craigavon Two, two innocent men accused by British forces of the murder of a police officer despite contradictory evidence, diplock courts, evidence that proves their innocence going missing and witnesses blatantly lieing. Currently they have had their appeal which has discredited all evidence against them and has demonstrated to all their innocence. Yet they are still in jail and can remain there for up two a year until the court comes to a decision. This tactic, internment by unlawful detention is being used against them to silence them and keep them silent, as well as show all others what will happened if they speak out for the right of Irish people to determine their own destiny. One of the ways in which this injustice against these two individuals by British forces is because of the media silence. This same tactic of jailing people through remand is currently being used against four land defender in Elsipogtog who are currently being jailedbeaten and tortured by the KKKanadian state for their refusal to give up their sovierghnty. In this context this workshop on peoples power and popular media is very important because it creates the framework to discuss the attacks on nations right to determine their own destiny, as well as creates space for us to break this media silence by following the example of our Venezuelan comrades and creating our own media . I thank you all for coming and ask that you look into these above mentioned cases, as well as the current attacks by US forces on Venezuelas right to exist.

For mor info on the Criagavon Two please check out http://justiceforthecraigavontwo.com/