Constitutionalists: Enabling Law to Bring Transparency into Venezuelan Economy

President Nicolás Maduro holding the newly approved Enabling Act

Constitutionalist lawyer Hernánn Escarrá has tough words for economy sectors plunged into speculation practices. Really tough words. He believes the speculations practice should be considered a violation of human rights, and by thinking that way, he believes the recently passed Enabling Law should prescribe “tougher sanctions” on speculation such as confiscation. In other words, the lawyer believes speculation should be treated the same way authorities deal with drug trafficking.

The lawyer established the comparison since speculation produces damages in access to food, services, and goods.

Escarrá considers the Enabling Law- which Venezuelan National Assembly just approved yesterday and which provides President Nicolás Maduro special powers to legislate in economic issues- will bring a humanist side to the war on corruption in favor of the poorer.

 “We’re not thinking about an economy where the only goal is maximizing earnings and surplus value”, Escarrá said. “We’re dealing with the social, humanist, and fair distribution of wealth, always keeping in mind that there are weaker sectors, poor populations which are the priority of any state and any leader”.