ALBA plane sent humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees

ALBA flagsThe Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America ( ALBA ) said Saturday its intention to condemn any intervention or military action in Syria and announced that they will send a plane with humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees in Lebanon are testimony of love and solidarity .

“We will send planes with humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon are , as a testimony of love and solidarity ,” read Rodolfo Sanz, political secretary of the ALBA .

The paper read by Sanz , ALBA emphasizes that ” while the United States sent aircraft send bombs cause world destruction .”

The Latin American organization ” called on the international community to join efforts and mobilized to prevent any military action in Syria , because increased bloodshed and refugees.”

The ALBA reported that the purpose of the United States military intervention in Syria , serves the same pattern used against Libya , Iraq and Egypt , ” wants to control oil security and achieve its expansion into Western markets .”

The statement urges the United States and any other country to respect the rules and principles of humanitarian law. ” Refrain from attack and threat to Syria.”

The Political Council endorsed the allegations that have been made that ” foreign military powers have given their support to opposition groups Bashar Assad delivering military equipment to intervene and take control of the country , causing the destruction of the Syrian people .”

The ALBA foreign ministers demanded respect for the United Nations and its organs , especially the Security Council by the imperial authorities and urged the Secretary General of nations to use its best efforts to resolve the conflict.

“They asked for research , for which a special commission was created . Now refuse to wait intended results and bypass the Security Council , contrary to world opinion ,” rejected the text.

The ALBA countries joined the global day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria.

by puebloshablan on 8 September, 2013