Venezuela Thanks Colombian Co-op in Thwarting Evil Plan


Caracas, Aug 27 (Prensa Latina) President Nicolas Maduro thanked today through Twitter his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos for the support given to a probe in order to thwart the assassination plan denounced here yesterday. 

Maduro wrote on Twitter that he talked with Santos yesterday and recognized that the latterâ’s cooperation contributed to identify the “gang of Colombian hired assassins” involved in the failed attempt to leave the Venezuelan Government without a leader.

“I appreciate the solidarity of good people in our Homeland in the wake of the capture of Colombian hired assassins; let’s remain on alert and rise awareness on this,” he said on his Twitter account.In reference to the opposition leaders’ playing down this denunciation, Maduro said “the fascist right irresponsibly makes fun of evidence shown with a suspicious sneer that discredits them politically.”

“I will continue taking care of peace in the homeland, and I ask for support from all the people who love our country to continue thwarting such evil plans,” he said.


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