We will not leave Syria alone; US wants to spark a Worldwide war – The Venezuelan Preside

Nicolas Maduro

Caracas, (SANA)- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused US of attempting to launch an international war, as he rejected Washington’s interference in the Syrian affairs.

“We condemned the campaign hatched against Syria which aims at justifying the aggression on Syria and the threats against the Syrian people,” Maduro told the Venezuelan TV.

Maduro points out that “US wants to divide Syria into 4 parts.”

 “Media means as a whole attack the Syrian government, we are on the edge of Worldwide war against Syria, but we will not leave the Syrian people to face it alone,” he adds

The Venezuelan President renewed rejection of the threats to wage a war against the Syrian and Egyptian peoples and the Islamic people in the Middle East, indicating that there is information about a scenario that is being prepared to justify the aggression on Syria.

By SANA News Agency