Ecuador receives support from a Venezuelan delegation due to Chevron’s attack

Quito, August 20 (Andes).- A group of Venezuelan parliamentarians, intellectuals, academics and citizens expressed their support and solidarity with Ecuador in light of the smear campaign and the claim filed by the company Chevron-Texaco before an Arbitration Tribunal of the International Court of the Hague.

Through a press release, during a meeting held in Caracas, a strong group of Venezuelan citizens expressed their commitment to promote actions in support of Ecuador in these circumstances.

“We have agreed to build an Ecuador Solidarity Committee”, reported the Venezuelan parliamentarian Rodrigo Cabezas, who said that representatives of Venezuela’s Parliament and National Assembly unanimously decided to  “support the people of Ecuador in this battle it is facing against one of the great international companies of the planet”.

For 26 years, between 1964 and 1990, the U.S. oil company Texaco exploited crude oil in Ecuador’s Amazon, currently the provinces of Sucumbíos and Orellana.  After it left the country, the company left in that area environmental liabilities to which international experts attribute the death of 1,041 individuals, all affected by cancer.

The parliamentarian stated: “we want to tell the people, the Government and the President of Ecuador that they are not alone.  We have a legacy from Commander Hugo Chávez which taught us that the battles of the people of our Latin America are also our battles, particularly when it involves an international corporation that tries to affect financially our brotherly people of Ecuador and, thus, fracture a change process with absurd legal decisions”, he noted.

He also stated that in October a statement will be brought before the Latin American Parliament categorically in favor of Ecuador and against Chevron’s attempts to slander the country and its institutions.

Additionally, from Venezuela, information will be broadcast for the people to know about the damage that Chevron is causing Ecuador.  “We want to express our full solidarity with our fellow people of Ecuador, and we will do whatever is necessary for any actions we conduct to have an international connotation”, he stated.

International arbitration against the Republic of Ecuador is based in an alleged lack of compliance with the provisions of the Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement signed with the United States, and seeks for the Government of Ecuador to ensure immunity for the oil company in light of any verdict issued within the Lago Agrio Claim, filed by Amazon communities for environmental damages.

By Agencia de Noticias Andes