(VIDEO) Chavez rescued Venezuelan women from discriminatory lethargy

Carmen-Meléndez-4Caracas, 11 Jul. AVN.- Leading the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) as soldier woman has been able thanks to the feminism that characterized supreme leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, said Thursday the first woman who assumes Venezuela’s Defense Ministry, Carmen Melendez, said Thursday that.

“This honorable position would not had been possible if the spirit of Commander Chavez would not had awaken and rescued Venezuela’s women from that discriminatory lethargy that condemned us to be ‘the weaker sex’,” emphasized Melendez after receiving the command on behalf of president Nicolas Maduro.

Melendez vindicated Hugo Chavez’s struggle to rescue values and dignity in the Venezuelan woman and she said that women owe him the possibility of entering fields of action which capitalist and patriarchal governments had reserved for men.

“Thanks to Commander Chavez, Venezuelan women are present today in events of the homeland, in all aspects. From labor to military fields, from the later soldier who joined FANB to the older. Today, we have the opportunity of growing and contributing with all of our capabilities, sensitivity and effort to this deeply human and inclusive work that started Supreme Commander and we are obliged to go on,” said the Defense Minister.

Though being the first woman to assume the Defense Ministry in Venezuela is a significant challenge, she said the major challenge is serving people and keep FANB’s dignity, to preserve and defend the homeland.

“Doubtlessly, the challenge is serving people… This FANB is no longer the Armed Force devised to repress people, but the Armed Force that defends the homeland, its borders, protect the electrical system, it has helped with activities, ensures people’s feeding, struggles against smuggling. It’s the Armed Force which today patrols streets to defend our people’s life,” Melendez said.

In this connection, she reaffirmed her commitment to keep superior values in FANB, which are Chavez’s legacy, subordinated at the service of sovereign people, defense, guarantee future for new generations.