Ecuador, Venezuela to resume bi-national encounters

Caracas, 03 Jun. AVN.- With a view to bolster complementarity and bilateral relations, Venezuela and Ecuador decided to resume bi-national encounters once every three months, informed Monday Foreign minister Elias Jaua.

“This meeting paves the way for the next bi-national encounter between Ecuador and Venezuela, which we have to resume again every three months, as commander president Hugo Chavez and our brother president Rafael Correa used to do. Now, we will also do it under the presidency of comrade Nicolas Maduro,” said Jaua in a meeting with Ecuadorean foreign minister Ricardo Patiño, in Caracas.

The Venezuelan foreign minister stressed that the two countries have achieved a “close and deep relationship” as legacy of revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez and they have been reaffirmed by president Nicolas Maduro.

“It is a unity also based on complementarity, solidarity, people’s rights and which, of course, has a commercial element,” Jaua said.

In addition, the Venezuelan diplomat recalled that this country recently also gave a boost its bilateral relationship with other Latin American sister nations, such as Nicaragua.

Furthermore, minister Jaua said that the Organization of American States’ next general assembly in Guatemala, on June 4 or 6, will serve to carry out a meeting of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of our America (ALBA) political council.

Such meeting would be preliminary to the ALBA Summit of Presidents that will be carried out in Guayaquil, Ecuador, next July 12.

AVN 03/06/2013 14:36