[ALBA News] Movements in the Americas meet to build continental network (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

Space to coordinate peoples integration, strategies towards ‘Indo-Afro-American Socialism’ 

More than 150 social movement representatives from 22 countries gathered at the Florestan Fernandes National School of the Landless Peasant Movement (MST) in Guararema, Sao Paolo for the 1st Assembly of Social Movements towards ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for our Americas).

This unprecedented gathering sought to build and unify social movements under the banner of “solidarity, complementarity and cooperation with ALBA (the multi-lateral agreement between nations in Latin America an the Caribbean pushed for by deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and former Cuban President Fidel Castro)”, while sharing experiences and resources for “political education and formation, solidarity in practice, experiences in self-managed and cooperative production, mobilization”. The goal of this newly created structure is to “build continental integration of social movements from below and to the left, building the ALBA and solidarity of peoples against the imperialist project.”

“We believe, as a political platform, that only the organized people and mass mobilizations that we can advance the construction of alternative processes to imperialism”, said MST Leader Joao Pedro Stedile at the inauguration of this Assembly.

Aside from declaring support for the Venezuelan government, the Colombian Peace talks as well as declaring opposition to the occupation of Haiti, the coups in Honduras and Paraguay, the blockade of Cuba and other imperialist impositions, the Assembly also agreed to:

  • Promote unity and regional integration based on solidarity and an alternative and sustainable model of living, where the modes of production and reproduction are in the service of the people;

  • Reignite mass struggle and class struggle, on national, regional and continental levels, to halt and dismantle programs and projects of neoliberal capitalism;

  • Build effective networks and coordination of peoples media to engage in the battle of ideas and stop the manipulation of information by the corporate media; and

  • Deepen processes of political and ideological training to strengthen our organizations and advance the construction of unity for the necessary social transformations.

Participants from Canada were also present, contributing the experiences of social struggles taking place in Canada. “This will allow us to allow us to give light to the many struggles that arent reflected by the mainstream media in Canada or the US”, said Jose Montilla, Vancouver spokesperson for the ‘Hugo Chavez’ People Defense Front (FDPHC). “This will also allow us to coordinate campaigns against mass injustices perpetuated by big mining, transnational and militarization.”

The Assembly, which took on the name of Hugo Chavez as homage to the late President and founder of ALBA, will coordinate through national chapters as well as through committees working on media, political formation and mobilization. In Canada, representatives of the FDPHC will be outreaching to movements and organizations to speak about this proposal and the prospects for greater coordination with movements in the South.

[Check out photostream from the People’s ALBA Assembly here]

May 2013, Sao Paolo: Over 150 delegates gathered from across the Americas to unite People’s struggles and Social Movements against imperialism and for a new world.
Participants from Canada, Nery Quintero, Pablo Vivanco and Jose Montilla of the ‘Hugo Chavez’ Peoples’ Defense Front.
I Continental Assembly of Social Movements towards ALBA – Day 2