(VIDEO) US citizen arrested for links to violence in Venezuela

ENGLISH VIDEO REPORT AVAILABLE HERE: http://multimedia.telesurtv.net/media…

Interior Minister for Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodriguez Torres said Thursday that police arrested a U.S. citizen linked to destabilization plans carried out by the Venezuelan opposition. teleSUR 

Caracas, Apr 25 – Today President of Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro announced the arrest of U.S. citizen Timothy Hallett Tracy on charges he was preparing a violent ambush against state authority. Tracy 35, born in Michigan in February 1978.

The government offered few details of its case against Tracy, who allegedly was a member of a conspiracy denominated “Conexión Abril” – the April Connection. Today’s announcement said the conspirators had been under investigation by Venezuela Intelligence Services since October 2012. The implication was that Tracy was working with right wing political forces in the country to assist Capriles by fomenting street dissent.

Intelligence sources indicated that Tracy was in charge of training and motivating right wing student groups opposed to the Bolivarian government. 500 instructional videotapes had been seized as evidence by government investigators.

Maduro administration spokesmen said that Tracy “clearly was trained as an intelligence agent – we have no doubt about that. He knows how to operate clandestinely, knows how to take care of himself in difficult situations. He received financing from Foreign ONGS (Non-Governmental Organizations).”

“We have the documents, direct communications, which prove that it was his intention to start a civil war, which would then lead to intervention by the United States in our country,” said one official, who alleged that Tracy was involved in the recent post-election distrubances which killed nine and left 80 injured.

More updates on this issue coming soon.

By: Avanzada Bolivariana – http://www.venezuelasolidarity.ca