(VIDEO) Reporters from LaraTVec are attacked by opposition

Guachirongo En Dial, Sanareña, Antena LIbre, Ondas del Cercado y Crepuscular are added to the lists of community media under attack by the opposition in Barquisimeto.
(VIDEO) Reporters from LaraTVec are attacked by opposition pacifists in front of the CNE in Barquisimeto.

16th of April 2013- Following the protocol applied all over the country, the “pacifists” and good little children attack reporters from LaraTVeC for simply “not being journalists” and for being “poor and barefoot.” The attack occured on the day of the concentration in front of the headquaters of the Nacional Electoral Council (CNE) in Barquisimeto, state of Lara, which has shown once more the facist intolerance that has marked the actions of the opposition.

This has not been the only case of violence against community media. In Barquisimeto, the community radio Guachirongo en Dial has been attacked in different opportunities over the last week, as well as Radio Antena Libre has suffered various attempts by part of supporters of the opposition governour and campaign director, Henri Falcón. Similar situations have occured in Radio Sanareña, located in a rural community in the state of Lara, where the operators where forces to flee from the instalaciones. In all cases, the community has taken it upon themselves to protect their media and instalaciones.

It is necessary to denounce all of the cases of violenct attacks and threats of possible attacks the have been made against Radio Ondas del Cercado, Radio Crepuscular and LaraTVeC. In this moment all of the collectives of the Circuit of Community Media of the State of Lara are in alert in front of the premeditated politics designed to disarticulate key tools for the organization of the struggles of the people.

This plan will be dismounted just as the plan for a coup d tat of the venezuelan right has been neutralized over the last few days.


Lara Tvec
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