(PETITION) Tell MP Jim Karygiannis hands off Venezuela

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Toronto, January 19, 2013

This past week, Jim Karygiannis, Liberal Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Agincourt and the Liberal Multicultural Affairs Critic released statement asking the Conservative government to “support the Venezuelan diaspora in Canada” in their efforts of “returning to a true democracy in Venezuela”.

The characterization of Venezuela as undemocratic is remarkable. In October, Venezuelan’s inside and outside of Venezuela went to the polls to elect a new President, with 80% of the electorate turning out to vote, including 4000 Venezuelans who were registered to vote in Toronto alone. All observers and commentators have lauded Venezuela’s electoral system and even the opposition Candidates were quick to acknowledge their loss. What’s more, in early December Venezuelans elected their local and regional governments, with President Chavez’ United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) taking 20 of the 23 states.

This of course, comes at a time when the most reactionary and undemocratic sectors inside and outside of Venezuela are looking to capitalize on the illness of recently re-elected President Hugo Chavez’s treatment for cancer. In order to undergo this life-saving treatment, President Chavez was unanimously granted leave by the Venezuelan National Assembly in early December 2012.

MP Karygiannis is either wittingly or unwittingly participating in the foolish and dangerous attempts by a marginal number of opposition forces who would like to destabilize Venezuela in order to have the elected President removed, the institutions of the state suspended and the reforms initiated by the Bolivarian Revolution abolished. These same right-wing forces attempted to do this through a military coup in 2002, but were repelled by the Venezuelan people and forces loyal to the Constitution.

In light of these destabilizing actions against the Venezuelan people and its institutions, the ‘Avanzada Boliviariana’ and its partners in Canada, express our total rejection of these attacks against the self-determination of peoples and Latin American unity. Also we extended our solidarity to the Venezuelan people, the organized Social Movement and organizations and to the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, HugoChávez Frías.

1. We demand the ceasing all destabilizing actions in Venezuela and stop foreign political, economic and military interference against President HugoChávez Frías and the Venezuelan people by the Canadian state;

2. We call on the Latin American and international community to show solidarity and reject this imperialist maneuver that pursues the implementation of a puppet government in Venezuela to suppress the Venezuelan people and plunder its resources;

3. The Avanzada Bolivariana and its allies in Canada declare ourselves on permanent alert and in solidarity with President Hugo Chávez and the Venezuelan people, rejecting any destabilization attempt against Venezuela’s constitution, its institutions and democratic rights of the Venezuelan people.


– Send a letter to your MP as well as to Jim Karygiannis M.P. Scarborough-Agincourt to express indignation over political interference in a sovereign country as is Venezuela.

This letter should highlight the following:

a. Your concerns over Canada’s interference in the affairs of a sovereign country; and

b. Demand that Canada respect the will of the Venezuelan people and institutions.

Send your letter to:

Jim Karygiannis office:

3850 Finch Ave East, Scarborough Ontario M1T 3T6

Telephone: (416) 321 5454 Fax: (416) 321 5456


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