(VIDEOS) Massive support during Chavez’s visit to Tachira on Saturday

By: VTV / Aporrea.org | 08/11/2012 | Translated by ‘Avanzada Bolivariana’, Toronto

Thousands of residents of Tachira, Venezuela have overflown the streets and avenues of San Cristobal on Saturday awaiting the visit of the candidate, Hugo Chavez, as part of his campaign with only 56 days to the presidential elections.
“I am giving my full support to my president, because we love Venezuela, because the peoples united of Latin America are standing up,” said one attendee of the large concentration that took place in the state of Tachira.
“We have the best president of Venezuela and the world,” said a woman visibly moved, adding that she supports Hugo Chavez because “he is a raw model, because of the continuity of the missions, for my children, for the youth… I love you Chavez, this heart is yours. “
“Hugo Chavez took away the bandage that used to cover our eyes, he opened new paths, nowadays women are not only at the house, women are scholars well prepared, professionals, fighting every day… our vote goes to Chavez, he will win the presidency again,” described a woman, ensuring her support to the socialist candidate on October 7.
Another woman said that the commitment will be to ratify Chavez as the Venezuelan president.