Venezuela Battle of Carabobo Day June 24 @ Christie Pit Park as part of Inti Raymi Festival 2012

‘Avanzada Bolivariana’ invites you to join us in commemorating ‘Venezuela Battle of Carabobo Day’

The General Consulate of Venezuela in Toronto will commemorate the ‘Battle of Carabobo’ at Christie Pits Park this Sunday, June 24, 2012 from 11am – 8pm. As well the ‘Avanzada Bolivariana’ ( will celebrate its first anniversary with the friends of Venezuela and all communities supporting the Bolivarian Revolution as part of the ’15th Inti Raymi Festival in Toronto, 2012′.

Delicious Venezuelan food + performers and music of Venezuela + Tourist information and more!

The Battle of Carabobo was fought in Venezuela on June 24, 1821, between the Spanish, led by Field Marshal Miguel de La Torre, and the Venezuelan freedom fighters, led by Simón Bolívar. It was fought some 30 kilometers from the town of Valencia in Venezuela. The battle was one-sided; Bolívar’s men suffered only one casualty for every 15 inflicted on the Spanish. Irish, Welsh, and English volunteers fought on Bolívar’s side, comprising the British Legion. Their victory led to the independence of Venezuela. The day is sometimes celebrated in Venezuela as Army Day.

At the site of the battle is the Alley of Glory, along which a number of low pillars hold busts of the soldiers who fought in the battle. The alley leads to the Triumphal Arch, which features two female figures representing peace and victory. Below the arch is the tomb of the unknown soldier, guarded by two soldiers wearing uniforms from the time of Bolívar.
The Battle of Carabobo Day is marked by a military parade in Carabobo. The 2006 parade featured some 100,000 active duty and reserve troops, 170 tanks, 29 planes, and 500 military horses. In 2005, fearing a possible assassination attempt, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez had changed the site of the parade to the military academy in the capital city of Caracas.

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