Venezuela Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Bolivarian Revolution

Published on 03/02/2012 @ 5:36 pm In the section CURRENT NEWS,News
[1]Twenty years ago, a civil-military rebellion took place in Venezuela under the leadership of the current President Hugo Chávez and a group of patriotic military officers. The events paved the way for creating alternatives to the oppressive and divisive neoliberal system that previously reigned in Venezuela. By the late ‘80s, the country was wracked by popular dissatisfaction, repression, and a political, economic and moral crisis.

“The Caracazo”

The precursor to the rebellion of February 4, 1992, was the “El Caracazo,” a series of popular revolts on February 27, 1989, that preceded the Bolivarian Revolution. “El Caracazo” has been remembered as “by far the most massive and severely repressed riot in the history of Latin America” (see the book States of Violence edited by Fernando Coronil and Julie Skurski).

“El Caracazo” mobilized an estimated one million people in Venezuela – particularly the urban poor – to revolt against the established bipartisan regime and the neoliberal “shock” policies of the International Monetary Fund that were implemented by the government of President Carlos Andres Pérez.

February 4, 1992: Hope Restored
In February of 2010, current President Chávez described in detail what this revolution was about in one of his columns, “The Lines of Chavez”:

He wrote: “February 27th, 1989: the most transcendental political event of the 20th century in Venezuela and the revival of the Bolivarian Revolution. The same year the Berlin wall fell, the Venezuelan people awoke and rebelled against the International Monetary Fund and neoliberalism, categorically denying the fallacy of “the end of the world”: a new history was beginning in Venezuela with the rebellion of the poor, with the consciousness of struggle and battle personified in the victims of inequality and exclusion. A new history was witten with the blood of the heroic people of Venezuela.”

Cultural Activities to Celebrate F-4   

To celebrate the Bolivarian Revolution and its achievements, the Embassy of the Bolivarian of Venezuela to the U.S. will present a lecture by the president of the National Institute of Statistics, Dr. Elías Eljuri, entitled: “The Bolivarian Revolution and the Success of Social Policies in Venezuela.”

The conference will take place on Saturday, February 4th, at 5 pm at the Bolivarian Hall, the cultural space of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington, DC. The presentation will be given in Spanish with simultaneous translation to English.

In Venezuela, the Ministry of People’s Power for Culture has organized several cultural activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the events of February 4th. The events, including a civic-military parade, exhibitions and conferences, will take place in Caracas and other states throughout the country.

Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the US / February 3, 2012

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